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What will happen to the AUD?

With the AUD soaring to new highs, I have been asked recently what to do.

The truth of the matter is that as retail investors, we will have a hard time getting it right and for the potenital reward it’s not worth the risk. It could have an impact on your overall strategy in the short term, but unless you have millions invested it’s probably more important that you focus on putting money away into a well balanced fund with exposure to overseas companies that will benefit your decision.

I prefer to leave it to the experts to try and get it right. In the Financial Review, we have two recognised and experienced currency experts predicting different outcomes for the AUD. So who should you trust? John Taylor has $7.5 billion under management and predicts the AUD could drop back down to $0.85. On the other hand, local analyst Geoff Kendrick predicts we wont see the AUD go down to $0.85 in our lifetime and that the AUD is set to remain high. 

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Published: May 9th, 2011  |  Investments, News

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